The HCJP provides opinions on specific legal issues and reports on more general substantive issues.

If willing to, each Authority can bring onto the agenda special requests aiming to clarify the interpretation made of laws and other regulation norms applicable to financial activities. The HCJP can also issue an opinion or  report on its own initiative.

It also provides reports on more general substantive issues. Currently, workshops are implemented accordingly to the following items :


– Financial markets.

– Banking law.

– Companies’ insolvency.

– Other questions regarding financial law.

Any person that may be interested is invited to:

– express, in writing or by e-mail (cf. “contact”), the suggestions and observations they wish to make in these particular fields to the HCJP;

 – or more generally suggest, any idea likely to allow the HCJP to fulfill its mission as stated above.

Opinions and reports to be downloaded